College offers students more advantage in the workplace. That advantage often comes at a heavy expense. The cost of a college education continues to rise and so do the interest payments. Learn how to pay off your student debt quickly.

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When attending undergraduate as well as graduate school, most students’ attention is directed at their academics, not figuring out how to pay their way through school. Some students may have one or two part-time jobs, and use those monies to pay for their tuition and living expenses, but, in most cases, the demand on time and effort is so stressful that many students rely on student loans to pay for all of it. What most students do not understand is that those loans will have to be paid back to the lenders as quickly as possible or suffer the consequences of accruing interest after leaving school. Look, the schools win (money upfront) and the lenders win (payments made over time = profit), but the student loses the game and suffers the consequences of “payment over time.”

Why Do I Need This Service?

Experts have looked at some of these student loan amounts as “death loans” – the amounts are so high and the interest accrues for such a long time that the balance is never paid off, thus lingering for years til one’s death. It does not have to be this way nor should a borrower look at loan forgiveness since with our GPS financial software program, a graduate could easily pay off their student loans in as little as one-third the time it would take to pay them off traditionally with the lender, then invest that debt service payment, and not have to pay the IRS penalty when the student loan is forgiven. Look, numbers don’t lie!


“I started using my UFF account a little over 2 years ago right after I graduated college with over $70k in student loan debt. At first, I was very skeptical considering I was never taught truly what grave interest can dig you in. This program is not only instrumental in helping me determine a budget but is showing me how possible it is to pay of my student loan debt in only 5 years compared to the 15 year loans the bank shoved my way. Would highly recommend to anybody fresh out of college that has student loan debt.”
-Dillon H of St Louis

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Do you know the exact day, month, and year you’ll be debt-free from student loan debt?

The fact is, most recent graduates don’t. But if you did, how would that affect your life? Now and in the future? What would your debt-free life look like? See, getting out of debt on your own is a lot like going on a road trip without GPS. You know your destination. But if you make a wrong turn, it’s hard to see how it affects your ETA. As a recent graduate, your main objective is to get out of debt and clean your slate! You want to get rid of your debt as soon as possible. But with something called life, and a misconception that you have a lot of time to do all of this, it’s very difficult to tell when you’ll reach your destination. And all the little purchases you make along the way can have a big impact on your ‘travel time.’ The Money Max Account acts as your financial GPS, taking everything you owe and everything you earn into consideration and giving you the fastest route to paying off your debt and creating wealth for you and your family.

Does your daily choices have long term consequences?

Think about the last time you went on a diet. Making wise nutrition choices was probably challenging, wasn’t it? But not because you didn’t know what you needed to do. It’s most likely because you couldn’t see the consequences of eating that donut or slice of pizza right away. But what if every time you reached for an unhealthy snack, you saw a picture of how it would affect your body? Chances are, you’d probably think twice next time the waiter asked if you want dessert. The Money Max dashboard does just that, only for your finances. You get an up-to-date visual representation of how every little purchase affects your long term financial health, motivating you to stay on track and achieve your financial goals in a fraction of the time.

Why should I be so concerned about my debt right now? I’m still in my 20’s!

Reducing Your Expenses by Less than the Cost of Two Cups of Coffee a Day Could Mean $57,600 In Your Pocket Instead of the Bank’s. By revealing the impact of a seemingly small change in your expenses –– something as little as $9 a day –– the Money Max Account could guide you to eliminate two full years off the time it would normally take to pay off your debts…AND save you approximately $15,000 in interest alone.

The two years and $15,000 in interest you save on the front end is only half the story. Now, you can spend those two debt-free years investing what would’ve gone to the bank…

And use it for building wealth for you and your family.
Think about it: If your monthly payments to the bank were $2400 a month, in two years you could create an additional $57,600 in wealth by paying yourself instead of the bank each month. And the best part is…

If you were able to save this much time and interest as a result of this one small shift in your spending habits…Imagine how much more cash flow The Money Max Account (Financial GPS) could help you identify from your budget and redirect for maximum impact. Two years and fifteen thousand dollars of interest saved probably sounds amazing…But it’s just the beginning of what a typical Money Max Account Client could experience. You could be totally debt free 15 to 20 years sooner and potentially save tens, if not, hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest — all while accumulating wealth sufficient for complete financial freedom. The Money Max Account helps you fully harness and leverage the power of every dollar of your hard-earned income…And spend it to your advantage rather than the bank’s — ultimately changing your financial future and your life forever

Does the Money Max Account Program work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week?

Yes, the Money Max Account acts as your financial GPS, taking everything, you owe and everything you earn into consideration and giving you the fastest route to paying off your debt and creating wealth for you and your family. It works for you all of the time.

Do I need to spend a lot of time with this program, or is it easy to use?

Most clients only spend about 15-30 minutes per week looking over the program details so they can execute the various transactions. See, the Money Max Account pulls all of your financial information into one central location, and uses advanced banking strategies to create the most effective, tailor fitted financial strategy to help you achieve your goals. It works for you and tells you exactly what you need to do to maximize your debt elimination.

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