Most home owners do not know that they can pay off their mortgage early to keep from paying 30 years of interest. I can show you how to save money by paying your mortgage off early.

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Homeowners across America have been taught that paying on a mortgage for up to 30 years is just something that you have to do if you want to own a home. The problem with this teaching is that it’s simply not true! The reality is that homeowners now have a choice. You can either continue to pay on your mortgage for up to 30 years, OR you can have your mortgage paid off in as little as 5 – 7 years and convert your debt to wealth! The banks are very good at building wealth with your money. Now, it’s your turn.

It just makes sense. The less money you owe on your mortgage and other debts, the less interest you pay. The less interest you pay, the more money you have to go toward things that really matter to you. Would more money to go toward things like investments, college, vacations, retirement, etc. make a positive difference in your life?

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Why would I want to pay off my mortgage? It gives me a nice tax deduction!

We hear this once in a while, and it has a pretty simple answer. A quick examination of the numbers shows that the tax deduction is not worth the amount of interest you’re paying in interest every year toward your mortgage. The interest you’re paying far outstrips any tax deduction you might be getting. It’s like arguing that you should keep paying a dollar to save a dime – not even close to being worth it. Holding onto debt is not a good idea.

Can anyone with a checking and savings account use this program and get amazing results?

Yes, all you need is a checking and savings account to utilize this financial GPS tool that will accelerate the payoff of your debt.

Should I refinance my mortgage for a lower interest rate, reduced monthly payments, thus, saving me hundreds of dollars per month?

Banks and financial institutions are businesses and expect to profit from your refinancing. The interest rate and monthly payments may seem to go down, but the term goes up, meaning you will be paying the loan for a longer term and ultimately pay more interest, which is more profit for the lender. And what do you do with the savings from lower monthly payments? Do you spend that money, or do you use that money to accelerate the payoff of your mortgage? Unfortunately, most consumers just spend the money on other things.

What about biweekly payments to my mortgage debt? Won't that save me interest and time on my debts?

Yes, paying your mortgage or other loans biweekly will save you interest and time, but relatively little compared to our program. For example, making biweekly payments to a 30-year, $200,000 mortgage with 4.5% interest could save just over four years. Our program, on the other hand, typically pays off all your debts in 1/2 to 1/3 the time it would normally take. In this example, that’s like trying to decide whether to go with a plan that will pay off the mortgage in 26 years or a plan that will pay off the mortgage and all of your other debts in 10-15 years. That’s a pretty big difference.

My brother told me about some other debt elimination plan for free/costs less than The Money Max Account Program. Why don't I just use that one?

There are lots of debt management programs out there, but from what we have found all of them fall short. For example, every other debt elimination plans we’ve seen doesn’t create a truly Effective, Dynamic, Personalized Plan, or EDPP. Instead, they simply provide generalized debt-elimination ideas that are not necessarily what best fit your financial situation. These ideas include sending X-amount extra every month toward your debts or paying off one debt at a time based on which debt has the highest interest rate or lowest balance. Although these one-size-fits-all plans might save you some time and interest on your debts, the fact that they’re a cookie-cutter plan (the same for everyone and the same every month) means that there’s no way they will save you the most time and interest possible on your debts. By contrast, The Money Max Account formulates a plan around your income, your expenses, and your debts. That way you know the plan is doable for you. And because the plan is built around you, you don’t have to refinance or modify your loans, find a way to increase your income, or decrease your expenses.

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