Doctors accumulate debt just like everyone else. I can help doctors of all disciplines become debt free and begin to create wealth rather than pay interest.

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Doctor, you have a decision to make. Maintain the status quo or seriously look into a different approach to managing your debt service and building your wealth.
Did you know that Doctors seeking a better future now face crushing debt from their student loans—while the loan industry makes a handsome profit?

In the financial industry, they like to call this the “death loan.” Pay this debt until you die. That’s the problem you did not know you would have and will have for years to come unless you immediately pivot and start thinking to bank like a bank.

According to a recent financial publication – “Most Doctors have student loans at, or over, $250,000. This is why after years of generous service; few Doctors end up wealthy. Experience suggests that only about 5 percent of Doctors have (or will have) real prosperity.”

So, what Is your game plan?
Remember, our concept of eliminating your debt and building your wealth is not rocket science. It’s based upon common sense and advanced technologies that bring more savings (of interest) and enhanced discretionary income that fuels your investment in your future financial growth.

Why Do I Need This Service?



Uncover how easy it is eliminating your debt and building wealth in less than 30 minutes per week, freeing up more valuable time to spend with your family



Establish your personalized game plan to zero debt in as little as 10 years, sometimes in less than 5-7 years



Learn the secrets to paying down all of your debt without having to change your current personal and practice lifestyle



Learn the key to utilizing your debt service to build your wealth so more time with family and less time in your office



Learn powerful banking principles to maximize interest savings, increase more personal time, and build wealth



Create an environment that motivates yourself and your family to live a debt-free life that impacts generations to come

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I am good with numbers and spreadsheets; I can do this on my own. I am responsible with my money.

Let me ask you a question – Do you have the time and energy to spare, to sit in front of your computer to track your spending, and earnings AND still handle the day to day responsibilities of running a successful practice? Tracking earnings and spending takes time and effort, a few weeks away from it could already spell disaster or falling off the wagon, and pardon me, that have you spending more, spiraling downwards from your plan. Your work, family life and personal time are already taking up your waking hours. You have to admit when you need help. Expenditures are detailed including interests, penalties and miscellaneous items. Tracking these will eat more of your and effort than you’d want to admit.

I already appropriate extra money towards my debts on monthly basis.

Appropriating money towards paying extra on your loans is great. The question is: Is the value that you’re allotting for them is enough or too much? I am not trying to rain on the parade here, but knowing the appropriate amount takes calculation of the details involved, such as service charges and other miscellaneous charges they put on fine print that you can’t almost read. Another question that you should ask yourself is, what is the best debt to prioritize that’s easier off pocket and when paid off will give me more savings. You see, scheduling and appropriating to the right debt that will, in the long term, give you more leverage is key to domino effect of knocking down your debts one by one. It is important to see up close and also afar to see the big picture. The financial program offered takes these into full account.

I entered the Federal Loan Forgiveness Program. Whatever balance is left after 20 years of payment based upon my year-to-year income will be forgiven.

The program is still an ongoing debate in Congress, therefore, not yet final and ratified as law. And the balance remaining is taxable by the IRS as unclaimed income. The amount that’s forgiven would be taxed, so instead of having a breather from loans, you are obligated to pay taxes for the balance. It is like entering a cave without a torch or any form of light. The FLFP is plagued with uncertainty. Our program, on the other hand, is for certain to work on paying all debts in record time, much sooner than 20 years. You are securing your financial future and see yourself paying each debt off. That is far more satisfactory than any forgiveness program!

Ever wonder why banks are in the business of lending money? One word: Interest

Banks make a huge portion of their money by charging you interest on your loans. So, the lower your interest rate, the better. Right?  Well, yes, but that’s only half of the equation — unfortunately, it’s not that simple. All Interest is NOT Created Equal
Ideally, you do want the lowest interest rate you can get. A lower rate helps make your principal monthly payments more manageable.

Does Debt Cost Far More Than Money?

When you’re in debt, you can’t live life on your terms. Following the bank’s mortgage plan, you’re locked in for fifteen, twenty, even thirty years. That’s time you’ll never get back. Time you could be spending on vacation with your loved ones. Time on your favorite hobby. Time building the life of your dreams. Debt is like a dark cloud of financial pressure and stress that follows you wherever you go. This is especially true when you live paycheck to paycheck, which, as of 2020, 74% of Americans do. And with every major purchase –– a new car, a medical procedure, college tuition –– the cloud only grows larger. Unfortunately, most of us only know one way to solve this problem: make more money. But what “they” don’t teach you is that the amount of interest you pay each month can make up a massive chunk of your total mortgage payment. We call this your interest volume. Whereas your interest rate is fixed, interest volume changes over time. The more money you owe the bank, the more your interest volume will be. Even with a rate as low as 2.99%, depending on how much you owe, up to 60% of your monthly payments could be dedicated to interest.

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