About The Debt Doctor

Dr. Chris Heeb

Executive Director, United Financial Freedom

Dr. Chris Heeb retired from a private healthcare business serving his community for over 20 years.

Currently, Dr. Heeb is a consultant, author, and speaker who helps his clients create tremendous positive changes in their life, by developing strategies that improve their overall finances.

​He is author of “3 Simple Steps to Paying Off All of Your Debt – Without Changing Your Current Lifestyle” and the author of
“3 Simple Steps to Paying Off Your Student Loan Debt – Creating A Game Pan to Zero Debt in As Little As 10 Years”.

He is also the Host of the Podcast – Debt Dr 911 – Saving Your Financial Health.

My Mission

My Mission is to open your eyes to the possibility of significantly changing your current state of financial health and motivate you to take action and get started on the right pathway to eliminating debt and building wealth.


My Promise

My promise to you is to shift your focus from living paycheck-to-paycheck when dealing with your finances to a more solution-based process that will ultimately enhance your overall financial health.

The Heeb Family in Squaw Valley at Lake Tahoe


Dr. Chris Heeb has authored two powerful books that introduce you to a new way of thinking when it comes to your debt and your future wealth building. It’s about pro-action with the use of advanced technologies that set you on the right path to financial prosperity.

For Doctors – If you are not in a state of good financial health, how can you achieve your dreams? Stressed that you live paycheck to paycheck? Worried that you cannot make ends meet? If you answered “Yes” to these questions, then you need a copy of my book 3 Simple Steps to Paying Off Your Student Loan Debt

For Consumers – Available Now!  3 Simple Steps to Paying Off All of Your Debt – Without Changing Your Current Lifestyle

Podcast Host

Join weekly The Debt Dr, Dr. Chris Heeb, and Financial Expert, Richard Schaffer, as they explore the key factors to resuscitating your financial dreams and discuss the key elements to living a debt free life. Listen as they expose the banks and lenders to their covert lending practices that flatline your wealth building, and gain valuable insight to proven remedies to financial freedom.

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What I Do

overdue bills not paid

I help doctors, students, home owners, consumers and more learn how to live without debt and gain wealth.

Quick Results

Less Stress

Future Security

Better Sleep

“Started the program in 2010. Did not think like the program did but I trusted it anyway. It is very aggressive. My 30-year mortgage went away in 2016.”
Chuck from Kansas

“At first I was really skeptical, but every time I get a mortgage statement I can just see the interest just melting away. This is just what I needed to get myself on track and moving in the right direction.”
– Nick from California

“Been using this automated program for years. Let it do the work. Be self-disciplined enough to follow it, and creative enough to modify it, when needed. The most “negative consequence?”… my credit score absolutely soared and I now enjoy and maintain an 800+ score, daily! Great tool.”
-David from North Carolina

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