You CAN be debt free, I’ll show you how

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Stop feeling overwhelmed today!

What our financial method is:

  • This IS a method that helps to quickly eliminate debt.
  • This IS a method that helps to free up funds needed for consumers to build wealth.
  • This IS a method that works with or without good credit, AND may even improve your credit.

I’m Dr. Chris Heeb and I can show you how to be debt free

Benefits To Living Debt Free

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Quick Results

Less Baggage

Future Security

Better Sleep

Open Up Options

Ease of Life

Why choose The Debt Doctor?

Dr. Heeb is a consultant, author, and speaker who helps his clients create tremendous positive changes in their life, by developing strategies that improve their overall finances.


20 Years Service


Financial Author


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Started the program in 2010. It is very aggressive. My 30-year mortgage went away in 2016.
– Chuck from Kansas

At first I was really skeptical, but every time I get a mortgage statement I can just see the interest just melting away.
– Nick from California

The most “negative consequence?”… my credit score absolutely soared and I now enjoy and maintain an 800+ score, daily! Great tool.
-David from North Carolina

  • Future Security
  • Retirement
  • Less Stress
  • Financial Flexibility
  • Peace of Mind

My Promise to You

My promise to you is to shift your focus from living paycheck-to-paycheck when dealing with your finances to a more solution-based process that will ultimately enhance your overall financial health.

About Dr. Heeb

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